CLUG Presentation: AI for Beginners from a Beginner

Recently I saw a demo of AI technology that could count the number of people in a security camera video feed.  I thought it was pretty cool and started Googling “how did they do that?”. First I came across scientific papers that require you to have an advanced math degree to understand, but soon I stumbled across a whole other class of open source projects that are pre-packaged and ready to go with zero math.   If you can handle the level of complexity roughly equivalent to compiling a Linux program from source, you can also start using powerful AI today.

Presentation is today at the Nicholls Family Library at 5 PM

Download copy of the PowerPoint presentation here

3 thoughts on “CLUG Presentation: AI for Beginners from a Beginner”

  1. I agree with JC MacDonald. All those who attended liked your talk and also the way you were able to do the question and answers made it so pertinent for every one.
    Thanks again.

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