WordMesh movie script associations

Today I had WordMesh read the scripts to approx 700 movies. I was hoping to get it to understand simple concepts such as “What, where, how, why”. I got partial success. Here are the results:

query:”what” result: ”happened, doing, matter, wrong”
query:”who” result: “knows”
query:”where” result: “going”
query:”why” result: “wonder,reason,aren’t,didn’t,crying”
query:”how” result: “many,much,long”
From the previous trials with books, I knew that the program would pick up on common themes. The results didn’t come as a big surprise, considering these are mostly typical holywood. Here is a taste:

query “gun” result “machine,drop,put,shoot,fire”
query “killed man” result “himself,almost”
query “killed woman” result “poor,wife”
query “run” result “away, fast, quick, hide, along”
query “good” result “luck, evening, bye, news, idea, pretty, sounds”
query “evil” result “Dr., eye, born, power, plan, lord, master, force, totally”
I especially like the evil results from above. Exactly what comes to my mind when someone asks “What comes to mind when you think of evil?” (in reference to holywood movies).

Next step is to increase the number of movie scripts so that I have even more meaningful results.